The Christian Architectures of Bari

Cultural Itinerary

  • Length: 1.00 meters
  • Duration: 1 hours
  • Departure: Nicolaian Museum
  • Arrival: Church of Jesus
  • Main points of interest:
    • Basilica of Saint Nicholas
    • Cathedral of Saint Sabine
    • Church of Saint Michael the Archangel
    • Church of Jesus

Born and lived in Turkey, but moved first to Bari and then to Venice, St. Nicholas of Bari (or Nicholas of Myra, according to the most correct wording) was an example of devotion to the faith, even in the years of Diocletian’s persecution.
The capital of Bari finds, in the Basilica of St. Nicholas (or Nicolaian), its religious hub, although the bishop’s seat is located at the Cathedral of Saint Sabine. Each of these places of faith is characterized by an alternation of styles (from Romanesque to Baroque), but with some elements in common, among them, the fact of being so well placed in the urban context that their discovery is incidental, penetrating the alleys, squares and streets of Old Bari.
Contrary to the use of many Italian capital cities, the churches fit into the city’s architecture without upsetting it, movement from one point to another is very slow and quiet.
From Saint Nicholas to Saint Sabine, from the eighteenth-century Saint Michael the Archangel to the elegant baroque style of the Church of Jesus, the Christian architecture of Bari tells a path and a story of devotion lived on tiptoe, to be discovered entering the historic center.

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