The flavours of Bari’s street food

Wine and food itinerary

  • Length: 1.400 meters
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Departure: Arco Basso
  • Arrival: Molo San Nicola
  • Main points of interest:
    • Castello Svevo,
    • Road of the Crusades and Mary of the Sgagliozze,
    • Fiore Bakery

The city of Bari is characterized by a mixture of elements typical of the Apulian region, with some ingredients that are not traditionally associated with the South of Italy. A simple but tasty cuisine, which finds its strength in the multiplicity of appetizers and seasonings dosed.
Bari’s cuisine is in fact abundant, but never “vulgar”. There are only a few desserts but many first courses, such as cavatelli and orecchiette, but also products that today we associate with the idea of “street food”, such as panzerotto or sgagliozze, strips of polenta fried in plenty of hot oil. Or the typical focaccia from Bari.
The itinerary of Bari’s street food idealyretraces the tradition that is the basis of these products of easy and quick consumption, but with centuries of tradition behind.
Leaving from the Swabian Castle we head to Arco Basso where women still prepare the orecchiette and move towards Bari Vecchia to meet Maria delle Sgagliozze, the queen of street food in the city, who delights tourists every day with her tasty “flakes” of fried polenta.
Another stop not to be missed is the Bakery Flower, a stone’s throw from the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, where you can eat panzerotti and focaccia, but the day can only begin at the pier St. Nicholas, in the harbor, where every morning fishermen sell the “raw seafood”.

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