The St. Nicholas of Bari Museum Site

On 4 May 2019, the new Nicolaiano Museum inaugurated the Ground Floor, a historical route multisensory that, starting from the Greek Roman era, will cover the Byzantine and Norman Swabian periods.
The visit of the exhibition space will allow to enter, through the aid of some pieces of extraordinary beauty, within a historical era, savoring the food, listening to the music and seeing what life was like at that time.
Soon virtual realities and multimedia showcases will also be available to explore historical and everyday life themes, along with mosaic and calligraphy workshops for adults and children.
Next year will be inaugurated the First Floor, with a reconstruction of the Basilica at the time of the arrival of the relics of St. Nicholas, and the display of unique pieces related to the cult and life of the Holy of the People.


The Holiday

On December 6th the Saint is celebrated with an event that involves the whole city and starts from the night of the 5th. On the streets of old Bari, hot chocolate and snacks are on offer, while religious celebrations take place in the Basilica. At dawn, the city wakes early to welcome its saint. A magic moment of local folklore.

St. Nicholas

Patron of sailors, children, students and unmarried girls. St. Nicholas is one of the best known and loved saints in the Catholic and Orthodox Christian communities. He is also well thought of by Protestants and Anglicans. There are few historical sources on the Saint and these are often a mixture of myths and legends. All these stories paint a picture of a gentle, generous man of unshakeable faith and a peaceful character.

The music in the Accademia

The Academia’s activities include the promotion, planning and implementation of cultural activities and initiatives. Particular emphasis is given to musical education in collaboration with both public and private enterprises. These activities are focused on providing opportunities for new generations of artists as well as developing strategies to provide shows to wider audiences which, especially, include the younger members of the public.


The tale of 62 sailors

Legend has it that St. Nicholas was captured by 62 sailors.

The remains of St. Nicholas rested in Mira for about 750 years (337-1087), while his cult (especially since the ninth century) spread universally. Then, thanks to a lucky event, his relics were brought to Bari, changing the history of this city. This is the reason that St. Nicholas is known as “St. Nicholas of Mira” as well as “St. Nicholas of Bari”.