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The Cryptogram of St. Nicholas - Accademia cittadella Nicolaiana

The Cryptogram of St. Nicholas

The Cryptogram of St. Nicholas

The cryptogram of St. Nicholas, still not understood, is one of the mysteries present in the Nicolaian Citadel. In the right transept of the Basilica of St. Nicholas there is a silver altar that originally covered the tomb of the saint. The altar dates back to 1319, a gift from the Tsar of Serbia Uroš II Milutin, and for about three hundred years it has housed a unique enigma. On one of the different levels of the altar there is a lamina with a floral motif, framed by 642 continuous characters whose meaning is unknown to date.

Many believe that it is a cryptogram, that is, an encrypted message. Many hypotheses have been made about the meaning of the message: a message from the Knights Templar, a love proposal, a request for help in arms, even a reference to the Holy Grail.

To date, no one has been able to provide a convincing solution to the enigma, and therefore the most likely hypothesis remains that of an inscription without any meaning, perhaps deliberately unsolvable and conceived by the author as a “puzzle” to be provided to posterity.