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The music in the Accademia - Accademia cittadella Nicolaiana

The music in the Accademia

The music in the Accademia

The Academia’s activities include the promotion, planning and implementation of cultural activities and initiatives. Particular emphasis is given to musical education in collaboration with both public and private enterprises. These activities are focused on providing opportunities for new generations of artists as well as developing strategies to provide shows to wider audiences which, especially, include the younger members of the public.

The Academy is open to strategic collaborations with similar institutions abroad who wish to promote Italian opera. Activities include opera production, concerts and ballets, multimedia creation using cutting-edge technology, sound recordings and audio-video recordings as well as editorial activities.

The Academy houses an organization called the Italian Opera School whose mission is to safeguard and enhance the repertoire of Italian operatic tradition by providing training activities for young artists both in Italy and abroad.